Entroido white vermouth

BRAND: Entroido
WINERY: Adegas Valmiñor
TYPE OF WINE: white vermouth (semi-dry), made from our Albariño Valmiñor


Selection of the herbs, devoting special attention to the most representative Galician herbs such as fennel, coriander, eucalyptus and laurel among others. This special selection is used for the infusion, through a maceration process in a hydroalcoholic base for approximately 2 months .
The herbs are pressed by wich the infusion is obtained. Then, we proceed to the mixture of the infusion and the wine (our Albariño Valmiñor elaborated on a regular basis) in the right proportion along with the sugar. Subsequent correction of alcohol content at 15%.
Filtering and bottling.


Entroido is a straw yellow color vermouth, evoking the color of Valmiñor Albariño, the basis of Entroido, with golden reflections of a certain intensity. Lively and transparent.
It shows a citrus nose with very marked notes of orange and lemon and also very floral, all wrapped with a nice spicy touch. Specially noteworthy are the notes of fennel, laurel and coriander, flowers like roses and balsamic notes such as mint and eucalyptus.
It also shows species like cinnamon. Entroido is complex, intense and elegant with an Atlantic and fresh mouth… evoking our Galician mountains. It is unctuous, with a very pleasant, rounded and citric acidity.



World’s Best Vermouth Design

World Vermouth Awards 2021.

Gran Albariño

Albariños al Mundo 2019.

91 points

Guía Peñín del Vermut 2020.